RockDolly Equipment is changing the game for live music setup with our revolutionary all-in-one stage solution, the RockDolly.  This powerful three-way speaker system, mixer, wireless hub, and amplifier allows an entire band to set up in minutes.  Amazing sound quality and portability meet cutting edge music tech in this unique and versatile new piece of essential gear.


Introducing the RockDolly

Our brand new all in one solution for performers has opened up new possibilities for musicians.  From impromptu street shows to playing the big show, you are going to want a RockDolly.  

Factory installed wireless mics and instrument inputs are mixed using an app on your phone, and the RockDolly enables live recording via thumb drive.  You will not find a more versatile sound reinforcement rig, this is your new guitar amp, bass amp, pa system, and effects rack, setting up for a gig has never been easier.


 The RockDolly is a three box unit that stacks and locks together while being transported.  Once onsite, the high frequency speaker can be pole mounted for greater reach.  It comes in two configurations, a direct-in model, and a wireless model.  

Units start with a Behringer XR12 Mixer unit, but can be upgraded to a Behringer XR18 Mixer, and can also be custom made to house your gear, including your tube head.

Each RockDolly unit is coated in a printable vinyl available in a wide range of colors and custom prints and graphics are available as well.





No More cords!  How many times have we plugged in that xlr or 1/4" input?  Well no more, friends!  Lossless digital wireless allows even basses to go wireless and sound great.


Apply effects to your channel using the in-app mixer-live!  Imagine the possibilities with this new ability.


Only one cord to plug in-to the wall!  No more sorting and networking a bunch of boxes with dirty cords for each show.  Just roll in and power up and you are ready to play!


Made for musicians, by musicians.  The RockDolly was designed to be portable, quick to setup, sound great, and get loud when the situation calls for it.


Your phone now contains the equivalent of a full featured mixing board!  Just connect via wi-fi and you are in full control of your sound.  Soundcheck from where your crowd will be.


Use the RockDolly as a DJ rig.  The 3 way speaker system makes your music sound amazing, and two RockDollys can be used in stereo for larger gigs.  The RockDolly also has stereo house outputs for playing larger venues.